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where are you now? Your Guide to China> Hainan Province;[In Chinese: 中国海南省]

Overview of Hainan Province [ 海南]

Cluture and Tourism of Hainan

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The Han Chinese of Hainan speaks a variant of the Min Nan Chinese language, known as Hainanese. In addition, the national standard Putonghua is understood and spoken by most people, and Standard Cantonese is understood by many local Hainanese. English is understood by some of the younger generation, but Hainan still largely remains a non-English speaking environment. The Li people have their own language, as do the Miao and Zhuang. The latter three groups would usually speak Standard Mandarin as a second language.
Hainan cuisine is said to be "lighter, with mild seasonings." A lot of local taste is mixed with the Han Chinese taste. Seafood predominates the menu, as shrimp, crab, fish and other sealife are widely available.
Hainan chicken rice, a famous dish in Southeast Asia bearing the region’s name, can be found on the island though it is not as popular there as its fame would suggest.
As Hainan Island is not heavily industrialised, its greenery, together with its beautiful beaches and clean air, make it a popular tourist attraction.The best known tourist attractions of Hainan Island are its world class beaches, luxurious hot springs, and beautiful scenery. With white sand beaches, tranquil green waters and areas of lush vegetation, Hainan has much to offer.
There are other tourism destinations in Hainan province.
The Five Official’s Temple consists of five traditional temples and halls that were built in honour of five officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties.
Xiuying Fort Barbette was built in 1891 to defend the southeastern corner of China after the Sino-French War.
Hairui Tomb is a key national cultural protection site. Construction of the tomb began in 1589.

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