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where are you now? Your Guide to China> Hainan Province;[In Chinese: 中国海南省]

Overview of Hainan Province [ 海南]

Geography and Climate of Hainan

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Geography and Climate
Hainan Province consists of several islands, the largest of which is called Hainan Island, the second largest island administered by the People’s Republic of China. To the West of Hainan is the Gulf of Tonkin. Wuzhi Mountain (1,876 m) is the highest mountain in the island.
Hainan Province’s territories extend to the southern Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands and other South China Sea Islands. The containment of the South China Sea Islands makes Hainan Province have a very large water body, but disproportionably small land area. James Shoal signifies the country’s southernmost border.
Hainan has a tropical moist monsoonal climate. Its annual temperature change is less than 15 ℃(59℉). The coldest months are January and February when the temperatures drop to 16 to 21℃(61 to 70℉); the hottest months are July and August, and the temperatures are 25 to 29℃(77 to 84℉). Except for the mountainous regions in the central part of the island, the daily average temperature in Hainan is above 10℃(50℉).The summer in the north is swelteringly hot and, for more than 20 days in a year, the temperature can be higher than 35 ℃(95℉). The average annual precipitation is 1500 to 2000 mm and can be as high as 2400 mm in central and eastern areas, and as low as 900 mm in the coastal areas of the southwest. The eastern part of Hainan lies in the path of typhoons, and 70% of the annual precipitation is derived from typhoons and the summer rainy season. Major flooding occurs due to the typhoons and they can cause many problems for the local residents.

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