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Wenchang City, A tier-one administrative division under Hainan Province, In Chinese [文昌市]

Wenchang Overview

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Wenchang City is situated in the north eastern part of Hainan Province at a longitude between 19°20′and 20°10′North and a latitude between 110°28′and 111°03′East. To the south east and north lie the Hainan and Qiongzhou Straits respectively whilst the county is bordered on the west by Qiongshan Town and to the south west by Ding’an County and Qionghai City.

The outline of the whole city is approximately half-moon shaped with a north to south distance of 99 kilometres, an east to west distance of 65 kilometres and a total border circumference of 285 kilometres. Total land area is 2488 square kilometres or 7% of the provincial total. The city faces the vast sea areas to the north, east and south with a coastline running for 278.5 kilometres dotted with 40 large and small bays. Total maritime area is 4600 square kilometres or 3.52 million Chinese acres.

At the present time the city has 17 villages and townships, 290 village committees, 3291 rural villages plus 9 state owned farms and a forestry operation. The city’s political, economic; culture and communications centers lie on the banks of the river at a distance of 63 kilometers from the provincial capital Haikou.   

Wenchang’s total population is currently 110,000 of which 58,000 live in the city’s political, economic, culture and communications centre plus a further 55,000 or so in towns and cities.
Wenchang city is located in Hainan Province in the northeast, East, South, North Linhai, 278.5 km long coastline, a sea area of 4600 square kilometers, land area of 2488 square kilometers, administer 17 towns, 290 villages (house ) committee, 3291 natural villages, there are 9 state-owned farming, forest farm.

Wenchang belongs to tropical monsoon climate which has the following features: distinct seasons; no extreme hotness in summer and no extreme coldness in winter; slight annual temperature differences; high annual average temperature; obvious dry and rainy seasons; drought in winter and spring and rain in summer and autumn; frequent tropical cyclones; abundant light, heat and water resources; frequent climate disasters of wind, drought and coldness. The annual average temperature is 23.9℃; the total solar radiation quantity is 4500~5800MJ/M2. The annual rainfall is 1721.6mm

Wenchang City offers a rich selection of tourism resources including the “First Peak of East Hainan”, “Odd but Handsome World Peak”, and the Tongu Mountain Ridge. There is also the Yunlong Bay natural underwater garden (made of coral), known as “China’s Great Barrier Reef”, the fantastically diverse Stone Park, the unique coastal scenery of Coconut Bay, the exquisite scenery of Gaolong Bay, the magical and enchanting Fengjia Bay with its waves, white sand and top quality water along with the warm waters of the Guanxin Hot Spring, the rare Maritime Forest Park which includes Yibamen Bay Mangrove Forest, the world renowned former residence of the Soong family, the Magnolia Lighthouse or “First Tower of Asia”, ancient Confucian temples and the Seven Zhou Islands which surpass even fairyland in their attractiveness.

There are rich and plentiful maritime resources available in Wenchang City. The coastline extends 206.7 kilometres and there are tidal mudflats covering 8, 963 hectares. Of which 6,382 hectare are suitable for development with 4,000 hectares already exploited. Wenchang has administrative jurisdiction over 4600 square kilometres of maritime area of which 15,400 hectare are classified as 10 metre depth grade which are considered good locations for the development of aquaculture and marine farming. Along the coast there are a total of 36 large and small natural harbours with fertile areas rich in aquatic resources, there is the Seven Continent Ocean, Tonggu, the three fishing grounds of Qinglan. The fishing season is long and there are many aquatic products of every type. More than 800 species of fish are found along the coast including valuable grouper, Spanish mackerel, lobster, prawn, abalone, squid along with 40 other species.

In addition, eucheuma red algae grow all around the coral reefs of the shallow sea area. These reefs extend to 6,000 hectares and teem with algae and seaweed; every year the combined production of eucheuma and gelidiella is 250 tons.

Wenchang City is amongst the towns and counties in Hainan that possess abundant mineral resources. These include iron, titanium, coal, crystal, sapphire, kaolin, quartz plus more than ten others. Only a dozen or so have large or medium ore bodies. In particular, the Longma quartz sand mine, Penglai aluminium ore mine and Puqian zircon and titanium ore mine are famed throughout China.

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