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Zengcheng District, A tier-one administrative division under Guangdong Province, In Chinese [增城区]

Zengcheng Overview

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As an important point of metropolitan regions of Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen as well as the economic belt of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Zengcheng is located in the Middle of Guangdong Province, the East of Guangzhou and metropolitan circle of Pearl River Delta. Zengcheng, backs on Guangzhou, borders Hong Kong and Macau, faces Dongguan across the river in the south, faces Huizhou on the east, and borders Conghua in the north and Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangzhou Science Town in the west. Zengcheng is known as the Kingdom of Litchi Fruit in our country, a famous city for clothes, newly-built automobile industry base as well as sample area of national ecotourism.

As for the long history of Zengcheng, we may go back to the sixth year of Jian’an in Dong Han Dynasty (A.D. 201), which was attached to Nanhai Commandery. Nanhai Commandery, at that time, had jurisdiction over six counties, for a newly-built county and city, so it was named as “Zengcheng”, which boasts a history of over 1800 years. In 1993, the county was canceled and a city was established at that time. At present, it has jurisdiction over six towns, three street offices and one provincial economic development zone. The municipal government is located in Licheng. The whole city covers an area of 1616.47 sq. km with a registered population of 810,600 and a population from other places of over 500,000.

Zengcheng has moderate climate and rich soil, so it is rich in litchi fruits, longan, red persimmon, Chinese mesona herb, canarium nigrum, Chinese flowering cabbage and long grain. Zengcheng, famous for its litchi fruits, boasts 25 kinds of litchi, in which, Gualu litchi has enjoyed a good reputation for long. One such litchi was once sold at the highest price of 555,000 Yuan. Zengcheng, with its favorable ecology, beautiful environment, harmonious economy and environment, has had three key industries including automobile, motor and their accessories manufacturing as well as jeans, and become a newly-arising industrial ecology city in Pearl River Delta.

In recent years, Zengcheng adheres to the scientific outlook on development and aims at establishing a modern ecology new town in the east of Guangdong. According to the development idea of "two cities and three centers" and "economic circle", Zengcheng adds glory to Guangzhou, integrates into districts of Pearl River Delta and actively explores the scientific development mode for satellite city of metropolitan circle. To suit the measure to local conditions, Zengcheng orients the South part as the significantly-developed new industry-collecting area, the Middle part as the preferentially-developed residential and cultural community for sub-civic center of a city, the North part as urban agricultural and ecological tourism area where industrial development is restricted. The South, North and Middle parts supplement and coordinate with each other, so that Zengcheng’s economy and society develop rapidly and remarkably. In 2007, the GDP of Zengcheng was 41,061,000,000 Yuan, the gross output value of industry and agriculture was 92,271,000,000 Yuan and revenue was 7,722,000,000 Yuan, which respectively increased by 20.72%, 22.71% and 67.33% compared with those in 2006. In the grading of competitiveness of regional economy in the country, Zengcheng ranked the 15th and has ranked the first place in Guangdong Province for six years in succession. Zengcheng was also successively awarded as "Nominated Prize for Harmonious City of UN", "Chinese Harmonious City", "National Green Well-off County (City)", "Model County (City) of Forestation in China", "National Advanced City for Science and Technology", "Guangdong Civilization City", "Guangdong Prosperous Education-driven City", "Guangdong Sanitary City" and "Guangdong Forestry Ecological County (City)", etc.

Zengcheng is a prosperous land full of life and vigor, in which you may work wonders. Zengcheng people are diligent, sincere, enthusiastic and hospitable. All of you, from home and abroad, will be warmly welcome to us for investing and spending vacations here.

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