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Ministry of Public Security, P.R.C.

A Central Government Department  
Address: No.14 Dong Chang’an Jie, Beijing China
Administrative Area
Phone: 010 6528 3344
Postal Code: 100741
Main Functions(Profile):
1. To research and formulate guidelines, policies on public security, and draft related laws and regulations; to guide, supervise and inspect national public security work.
2. To control situations affecting stability, harming domestic security and law and order of the society; to guide and supervise local police organizations on their legal inspection and punishment of acts harming social security and order according to law; to legally administer residence registration, citizen identifications, guns and ammunitions, dangerous articles and special professions.
3. To organize and guide surveillance and investigation work, coordinate and address major cases, law and order events and riots; to guide the prevention and striking down against terrorist activities.
4. To legally administer nationality work, border entry/exit checking; to guide and supervise fire protection work and the administration of road and traffic safety, traffic order, as well as vehicles and drivers.
5. To guide and supervise the administration of local public security organs in their provision of security and protection to state institutions, social communities, enterprise and institutions, key construction projects, as well the security work organized by grassroots security and protection groups and to supervise the safety of public information network.
6. To guide and supervise the implementation of penalties and their supervision and inspection as undertaken by local public security organizations by law; to guide the administration of prisons, lockups and compulsory drug abstinence houses.
7. To organize the implementation of safety protection for the party and state leaders as well as important foreign guests.
8. To organize the implementation of public security S&T; to plan for the development of public security information technology and criminological technology; to formulate policing guarantee standards and systems in respects of equipment and gears for public security organs and fund allocations.
9. To organize exchanges and cooperation with foreign police organizations and International Criminal Police Organization and the police of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions as well as police from Taiwan region; to implement international treaties and cooperation agreements.
10. To lead the building of the police forces for border public security, firefighting and guarding; to lead and guide the Armed Police Headquarters in implementing public security assignments and related operations.
11. To formulate guidelines and measures for training, educating and inspiring public security personnel; to manage cadres according to authorizations; to guide the legal work of public security organizations; to formulate regulations and rules for the supervision and administration of public security forces and to guide the policing supervision of public security organizations; to inspect and settle or supervise the settlement of major discipline violations by public security forces and to safeguard the rights of law executions by public security policemen.
Internal Department List:
  1. General Office
    • Phone:010 6528 3344;
    • To formulate work rules for the Ministry, urge and inspect the implementation of annual work deployment of the Ministry; to coordinate the allocation of administration affairs and department functions, and assist the ministers in getting grip with the overall work of the Ministry.
  2. Prison Administration Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • According to laws , to watch , execute sentence and administrative punishment ,educate , treat specific disease and correct minds and behaviors for the suspects, defendants, criminals with a sentence less than one year , illegal doers and mental patients free from criminal responsibility.
  3. Public Security Bureau of Ministry of Transport
    • Phone:010-65283344;
  4. Public Security Bureau of Civil Aviation Administr
    • Phone:010-64091721;
    • To formulate and implement policies, regulations, mid-term and long-term programs and annual guideline plans for machinery and electric product export, complete plant export and processing trade; to study and formulate system reform plans for the administration of machinery and electric products and organize implementation accordingly; to compile machinery and electric products quota and annual import plans and organize implementation accordingly.
  5. Security Bureau of Ministry of Forest
    • Phone:010-84238110;Fax:010-642173622
    • 1. To organize the coordination and guide the supervision of national forestry fire prevention; to release forest fire disaster information; to guide the forestry public security and manage forestry public security forces; to coordinate and supervise the investigation and punishment over extremely large forestry cases; to liaise with forestry procuratorates and courts; 2. To formulate policies, regulations, rules, standards for forestry public security and forest fire prevention, and organize their implementation; 3. To guide the nationwide forestry public security, organize the coordination, guidance and supervision of national forest fire prevention; 4. To compile development and construction programs for the forestry public security and forest fire prevention, and organize implementation accordingly; to guide the forestry public security, forest fire prevention equipment and infrastructure construction; to supervise and inspect the utilization and implementation of the special funds; to undertake the application for, procurement and allocation of the police equipment and special forest fire prevention goods; 5. To guide the protection of forests, wild animal and plant resources; to analyze and master the social security dynamics of the communities; 6. To organize and guide the administrative law enforcement in forestry public security and administrative law enforcement of forest fire prevention; 7. To coordinate and organize the unified actions and special fights as well as special rectification against the law violations and crimes of destroying resources of forests, wild animals and plants; to supervise, investigate and punish over extremely large cases of destroying forest resources and the resources of key state-protected wild animals and plants; to guide the comprehensive rectification of forest area public security; 8. To guide the building of nationwide forestry public security forces; to undertake the establishments, police force allocation, police ranks verification and approval, assistant administration of leading cadres, achievements and awarding; to organize and guide the forestry public security in respect of education and training, policing and supervision, publicity etc.; to master and inspect cases of police law violations and discipline violations; 9. To formulate and implement the emergency fighting and rescue plans for extremely large forest fires; to undertake the organization and coordination of fighting and rescues for extremely large forest fires as assigned by the State Council; 10. To undertake monitoring of forest fires, forecast and prediction of fire calamities, master nationwide fire situation, and release fire calamity information; 11. To guide the nationwide forest fire calamity forecast, fighting and rescues, as well as the building of professional forces; to imp
  6. Transport Administration Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • To study and formulate policies for the administration of road transportation; to organize, guide and supervise local public security institutions in investigating and punishing violations of road transportation laws and traffic accidents; to guide the local pubic security institutions in safeguarding urban and rural road transportation order and highway security order; to organize and guide the local public security institutions in conducting vehicle safety examinations and inspections, issuance of name plates and the examination and issuance of driver license; to organize and guide the local public security institutions in conducting publicity and education of road traffic safety; to organize and guide the scientific research for the road traffic administration; to guide the local public security institutions in participating in the planning for city construction, road transportation and safety facilities; The Bureau is composed of 7 divisions: the General Office, Order Administration Division, Highway Patrol Command Division, Accident Countermeasure Division, Vehicle Administration Division, Forces Building Division and S&T Administration Division.
  7. Legal System Bureau
    • Phone:010 6528 3344;
    • To draft related laws and regulations, to formulate and implement related rules and standards.
  8. International Cooperation Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
  9. Equipment & Finance Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
  10. Narcotics Control Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
  11. Network Security Bureau
    • Phone:010 6528 3344;
  12. Public Security Bureau of Ministry of Railway
    • Phone:010-6528 3344;
  13. Fire Bureau
    • Phone:010-6626 7110;Fax:010-6626 7111
    • To be responsible for the uniform organization ,command ,coordination and leading of the state fire protection work.
  14. Discipline Inspection & Supervision Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • To supervise public security organs and police to execute the guidelines and policies of the CPC ,the laws and regulations as well as the resolutions and instructions given by the State Council; to assist the CPC committee of Ministry of Public Security to enhance the party style construction and to coordinate the anti-corruption work; to establish and improve the anti-corruption punishment and prevention system with the feature of public security; to research, analyze and guide the construction of dean and honest administration , team discipline and work style of public security organs; to formulate the regulations and institutions for anti-corruption ,clean government built and team supervision in public security organs; to carry out the propaganda and education for anti-corruption and the clean government culture construction; to accept the indictment and impeachment of the public security organs and the police for violating the CPC discipline and political discipline as well as to inspect and punish the public security organs and the police for the violations ; to accept the appeals from party members of the public security system and the policemen who refuse to accept the punishment.
  15. Police Censorship Bureau
    • Phone:010-6528 3344;
    • To supervise the organizations directly under the Ministry of Public Security and subordinate public security organs to perform legal responsibilities, execute authorities and observe disciplines; to examine and approve the deployment of the state police censorship work ; to release and declare the decisions and instructions of police censorship work ; to examine and approve the annual work plans and the report of police censorship work performance.
  16. Department of Human Resources
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • To formulate regulations and rules for the administration of cadres and personnel affairs and programs for the building of talent forces of the Ministry, study and set up diversified personnel utilization mechanisms and push forward the system reform for cadres and personnel affairs.
  17. Bureau for Publicity
    • Phone:010-6528 3344;
  18. Economic Crime Investigation Bureau
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • To investigate, consolidate, study and analyze the situations, tendencies and rules of economic crimes in the country; to formulate countermeasures, guidelines, measures and programs in respect of national economic crimes; to formulate regulations, byelaws, detailed rules of implementation for surveillance and investigation of economic crimes according to relevant state laws, and promulgate and implement after verification and approval of the Ministry leaders; to master the situations of the investigation and cracking of extremely large economic crime cases and other large economic crimes in the country; to inspect, guide and urge the investigation and cracking of crime cases, and directly participate in and guide the investigation and cracking of certain extremely large economic crimes when necessary; to organize combined investigation of trans-province economic crimes which are extremely large and serious, and investigation of other large economic crimes; to issue nationwide arrest warrants and announcements; to provide information technology assistance and consultation services to the grassroots institutions; to undertake other economic crime cases as assigned by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.
  19. Order Control Bureau
    • Phone:010-6528 3344;
    • To formulate the policies and provisions for order control work ; to guide and supervise the local public security organs to inspect and punish the violation against social order as well as to administrate the household register, resident identification cards ,civil ammunitions and pistols ,controlled tools , deadly poisonous chemicals and special industries according to laws; to guide and supervise the local public security organs to administrate the public security of civil explosives; to guide local public security organs to administrate the rally, parade, and demonstration; to guide the patrol and SWAT to self-build and to handle important mass order events and order accidents; to guide the work of public security stations and community police work; to guide and supervise the local public security organs’ order protection work for state organs, social groups ,enterprises , institutions, important infrastructure constructions, major projects and large scale mass activities; to guide and supervise the administration of guard service industry; to guide the order prevention work of mass order prevention organizations
  20. Border Control Department
    • Phone:010-65283344;
    • 1. To administer the border control along land borders and coastlines; 2. To administer the public order at sea in the areas along borders and coastlines and the administration of fishing boats and fishing folk; 3. To inspect and monitor the entry/exit personnel and transport vehicles; 4. To patrol and guard the frontlines neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, and take charge of border patrol and custody of the North Bay; 5. To conduct the foreign-related border patrol cooperation; 6. To prevent and fight against various law violations and crimes in areas along borders and coastlines; to rule criminal cases occurred on the seas; to rule cases of organizing people in illegal border crossing, transporting people across borders illegally, and illegal border crossing, destroying border steles and stakes in administrated border areas and coastline areas, as well as cases of smuggling, selling and transport narcotics and smuggling of the narcotics making equipment in the administrated border areas.

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