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Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C.

A Central Government Department  
Address: No.2 Dong Chang'anjie, Beijing China (100731)
Administrative Area
Phone: 010-65198318
Fax: 010-65198315
Postal Code:
Main Functions(Profile):
1. To formulate development strategies, guidelines and policies of domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation, draft laws and regulations governing domestic and foreign trade, economic cooperation and foreign investment and devise implementation rules and regulations; to study and put forward proposals on harmonizing domestic legislations on trade and economic affairs as well as bringing Chinese economic and trade laws into conformity with multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements.
2. To study and put forth proposals on reforming the commercial distribution system, promote the restructuring of the commercial distribution sector and improve such modern distribution modalities as chain store operation, modern logistics and e-commerce.
3. To formulate development programs for domestic trade, foster and develop urban and rural markets, guide the construction plans for wholesale marrkets and urban business networks.
4. To research on and formulate policies for regulating the market operation and distribution order, breaking up market monopoly and regional blockage, to set up and round out an integrated, open, competitive and orderly market system.
5. To monitor and analyze market activities and commodity supply and demand, organize the adjustment of market supply of main consumer goods and regulation of the distribution of major means of production.
6. To study and work out measures for the regulation of import and export commodities and compile a catalogue thereof, organize the implementation of import and export quota plans, decide on quota quantity and issue licenses; to draft and implement import and export commodity quota tendering policies.
7. To formulate and execute policies concerning trade in technology, state import and export control, and policies encouraging the export of technology and complete set of equipment; to push forward the establishment of foreign trade standardization system; to supervise technology import, equipment import, export of domestic technologies subject to state export restriction and re-export of imported technologies, and to issue export licenses pertaining to nuclear non-proliferation.
8. To formulate and help implement development plans for trade in services. To formulate and implement policies and plans to promote export and outsourcing in services. To build platform for outsourcing in services.
9. To study, put forth and implement multilateral and bilateral trade and economic cooperation policies, be responsible for multilateral and bilateral negotiations on trade and economic issues, coordinate domestic positions in negotiations with foreign parties, and to sign the relevant documents and monitor their implementation; to establish multilateral and bilateral intergovernmental liaison mechanisms for economic and trade affairs and organize related work; to handle major issues in country-specific economic and trade relationships, regulate trade and economic activities with countries without diplomatic relationship with China; in line with the mandate, to handle the relationship with the World Trade Organization on behalf of the Chinese government, undertake such responsibilities under the framework of the WTO for multilateral and bilateral negotiations, trade policy reviews, dispute settlement, and notifications and inquires.
10. To organize and coordinate the work pertaining to antidumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other issues related to fair trade for import and export; to institute a fair trade early warning mechanism for import and export, and organize industrial injury investigations; to guide and coordinate domestic efforts in responding to foreign antidumping, countervailing, and safeguard investigations and other issues concerned.
11. To give general guidance to nationwide efforts in foreign investment; to analyze and look into China's foreign investment developments and submit information concerning the developments and the corresponding proposals to the State Council on a regular basis; to draw up and enforce foreign investment policies and reform schemes, participate in the formulation of mid-term and long-term planning and development strategies for foreign investment utilization; to examine and approve, according to relevant laws, the establishment and changes thereafter of foreign-invested enterprises with foreign input exceeding the state designated ceilings, or engaged in restricted business areas, or in businesses subject to quota and license administration; to verify the contracts and statutes of large-scale projects with foreign investment and their subsequent major changes as stipulated particularly in relevant legislations; to supervise the enforcement of laws, regulations, contracts and statutes by foreign-invested enterprises; to guide and oversee nationwide efforts in attracting foreign investment, investment promotion, as well as the review, approval and import/export of foreign-invested enterprises in China; to comprehensively guide and coordinate the specific work of state-level economic and technological development zones.
12. To be responsible for China's foreign economic cooperation; to formulate and implement policies and regulations on foreign economic cooperation, guide and monitor the regulation of overseas contract projects, labor cooperation and designing and consulting businesses; to work out administrative measures and specific policies guiding China’s overseas investment; to verify and approve overseas investment and establishment of enterprises (excluding financial companies) by Chinese companies and supervise their operations.
13. To be responsible for aid of our country to foreign countries; to formulate and implement foreign aid policies and plans, and sign the relevant agreements; to compile and execute annual foreign aid programs; to supervise and inspect the implementation of foreign aid projects; to manage foreign aid fund, concessional loans, special funds and other foreign aid funds of the government; to facilitate the reform on foreign aid provision modalities.
14. To formulate and implement economic and trade policies as well as mid-term and long-term trade planning for the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan; to hold economic and trade talks with the competent authorities in charge of trade and economic affairs of HK SAR and Macao SAR as well as authorized non-governmental organizations of Taiwan and sign relevant documents; to be in charge of the commercial and trade liaison mechanism between the mainland and the HK SAR and Macao SAR; to organize the direct trading activities with Taiwan, and to be responsible for bilateral and multilateral trade issues involving Taiwan.
15. To be responsible for the training, selection and management of Chinese professionals working in the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the World Trade Organization, the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Offices of the Chinese Embassies and missions to other international organizations; to guide the work of the chambers of commerce for import and export and other relevant associations and societies.
16. To steer the work of the commercial branches of China’s Permanent Missions to the WTO, to the UN and other relevant international organizations, as well as Chinese embassies in foreign countries; to keep in touch with the representative offices of multilateral and international economic and trade organizations in China and the commercial offices of foreign diplomatic missions in China.
17. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the State Council.
Internal Department List:
  1. General Office
    • Phone:010-65198318;Fax:010-65198315
    •   To be responsible for daily operations, including, documents and telegraphs, meetings, supervision, confidentiality, archives and on-duty shift for administration; to undertake tasks in respect of information, secrets protection, complaint correspondence, press release, open government, emergency response, liaison with special representative’s offices, to be responsible for coordination of processing the suggestions by CPC delegates and proposals by CCPCC members; to compile and issue China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette.
  2. Department of Human Resources
    • Phone:010-65198515;
    •    To undertake personnel administration, staff forces building and training for the Ministry departments, directly affiliated institutions in Beijing, and resident offices.
  3. Policy Research Department
    • Phone:010-65197454 ;
    •     To study the development tendencies of economy globalization, regional economic cooperation, market system modernization and modern circulation forms and propose counter measures; to study the extension of open-up, the reform of domestic foreign trade circulation system and put forth suggestions on major issues; to study and make comprehensive policy proposals on the improvement of modern market circulation system.
  4. Comprehensive Department
    • Phone:010- 6519 8403;Fax:010- 6519 8445
    •   To organize the formulation of development strategies and programs for domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation; to monitor and analyze major issues in commerce operation and structure adjustment, and put forth policy suggestions accordingly; to undertake the release of related statistics and information.
  5. Department of Treaty and Law
    • Phone:010- 6519 8723;Fax:010- 6519 8905
    •     To draft related laws, regulations, and provisions; to put forward suggestions on the linking of our laws and provisions on economy and trade with multilateral and bilateral international economy and trade treaties and pacts; to undertake related work in the formulation of international economy and trade pacts; to review negotiating documents on multilateral and bilateral economy and trade treaties and pacts; to organize external negotiations on multilateral and bilateral agreements on the protection of intellectual property and investment; to undertake related work in dispute settlement and validity reviews over normative files of the departments; to undertake relevant administrative reconsideration and administrative response to litigations.
  6. Department of Finance
    • Phone:010- 6519 8616 ;Fax:010- 6519 8458 
    •   To be responsible for participation in and formulation of policies on fiscal taxation, finance, foreign exchange, pricing and insurance related to commerce development; to be responsible for the management of various special commerce development funds and central foreign aid funds; to be responsible for the expenditure funds, asset and capital construction management of the Ministry departments, resident economic and commercial offices and special representative offices to localities; to be responsible for internal auditing and supervision of the Ministry, guide and manage the finance, assets, and auditing of the subordinate institutions, to be responsible for the work of aid to the poverty-stricken, counterpart assistance to Three-Gorges area and assistance to Tibet;
  7. Department of Market Supervision
    • Phone:010-85093316;Fax:010-85093335
    •    To lead and coordinate the rectification and normalization of order for market economy; to promote credit building in the commercial field, guide the commercial credit sale, and build the public service platform for market honesty; to participate and organize the crackdown on intellectual property infringement and business fraud; to undertake the administration of animal and poultry slaughtering industry and the medicine circulation industry.
  8. Department of Market System Development
    • Phone:010-85093671;Fax:010-85093680
    •    To organize the formulation of policies for rounding out and normalizing the market system, promote the standardization of circulation, lead and organize the normalization of retailers’ promotion activities; to guide the planning of wholesale markets for bulk products, urban commercial networks and commercial system building; to promote the building of rural markets and circulation system for agricultural products; to supervise and manage auction, pledge, tenancy, vehicle circulation and second-hand goods circulation, etc.
  9. Department of Circulation Industry Development
    • Phone:010-85093743;Fax:010-85093744
  10. Department of Market Operation Regulation
    • Phone:010-8509 3855 ;
    •    To monitor and analyze the market operations and the status of commodity supply and demand; to investigate and analyze information of commodity prices, and make forecast and early warning and information guidance; to undertake the establishment and improvement of the emergency response management mechanism for the market supply of daily living necessities; to undertake the administration, adjustment and control of key consumer reserves (meat, sugar, black tea, small package food, etc.); to undertake work related to circulation of alcohol and coordination of silk supply.
  11. Anti-monopoly Bureau
    • Phone:010-85093146;Fax:010-65198998 
    •   1. To draft regulations related to concentration of entrepreneurs, and formulate supportive provisions and normative documents; 2. To conduct anti-trust review and investigation on concentration activities by entrepreneurs; to be responsible for the handling of antitrust consultation and report on concentration of entrepreneurs, and conduct relevant antitrust hearings, investigation and review; 3. To be responsible for the handling and investigation of concentration of entrepreneurs reported to the antitrust enforcement institutions, and investigate and penalize violations; 4. To be responsible for investigating and penalizing monopoly behaviors in trade and take necessary actions to eliminate harms; 5. To be responsible for the guidance on response by our enterprises to overseas antitrust litigations; 6. To lead the organization of consultations and negotiations on competition terms in multilateral and bilateral treaties; 7. To be responsible for international exchanges and cooperation on multilateral and bilateral competition policies; 8. To undertake actual operations of the antitrust committee of the State Council; 9. To undertake other assignments designated by MOFCOM leaders.
  12. Department of Foreign Trade
    • Phone:010- 6519 7420;Fax:010- 6519 7952
    •    To formulate management methods and catalogs for import and export commodities; to undertake the planning of total import and export volumes of important industrial goods, raw materials and important agricultural commodities and organize implementation accordingly; to design plans for import and export quota and annual plans for tariff quota and organize their implementation; to formulate and implement bidding policies for import and export commodity quota; to guide trade promotion activities as trade fairs, and trade conferences and the construction of trade promotion system;. Other assignments: NDRC is responsible for the compilation of total import and export volume plans for key industrial products, raw materials and important agricultural products, whereas, MOFCOM is responsible for organizing the implementation of the total volume plans as confirmed by NDRC. NDRC together with MOFCOM allocates the import and export of food, cotton and coal under the total volume plans and coordinate relevant policies.
  13. Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Ser
    • Phone:010-65197355;Fax:010-65197926 
    •    To undertake administration for business and trade service industries, including catering and accommodating; to promote the reform of the circulation system and the development of chain business, commercial franchise, modern logistics and other modern circulation modalities; to guide the development of community business and the energy conservation and reduction in the circulation field; to put forward policy suggestions on the development of small and medium commercial enterprises; to supervise and manage the circulation of oil products according to related regulations; to guide the recycling of renewable resources.
  14. Department of Mechanic, Electronic and High-Tech I
    • Phone:010- 6519 8776;Fax:010- 6519 8775
    •   1. To formulate the import and export programs, policies and regulations for machinery and electric products and new high-tech products as well as import and export commodity catalogue and organize implementation accordingly; to review and approve import permission papers for machinery and electric products; 2. To formulate policies and measures on promoting and optimizing the import and export structure for machinery and electric products and new high-tech products and organize implementation accordingly; to be responsible for the construction of key export base of machinery and electric industry; to take lead in promoting the development of self-independent brands; to normalize the export market order; 3. To organize the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing trade through science and technology, undertake the relevant work of the inter-ministry joint mechanism for trade revitalization through science and technology, and guide the construction of state innovations base for trade revitalization through science and technology and science and technology innovation of commercial system; 4. To formulate programs, policies and regulations for export of complete plants, to be responsible for the management of credit and credit insurance projects for complete plant export; 5. To formulate the provisions for international bidding invitation for machinery and electric products, to be responsible for guiding, supervising and managing the international bidding invitation activities for machinery and electric products, verification for annual review of the qualification of international bidding agencies for machinery and electric products; to undertake the daily operation of the state bidding appraisal committee; 6. To formulate policies and administration methods for processing trade and organize implementation accordingly, formulate classification management catalogue and access standards for processing trade, coordinate relevant departments in formulating related policies on processing trade, and promote the transformation, upgrading and industrial transfer of processing trade; 7. To formulate and implement state policies and regulations for controlling import and export; to verify import and export permission papers for
  15. Department of Foreign Investment Administration
    • Phone:010- 6519 7962;Fax:010- 6519 7829
    •   To formulate policies and reform plans for foreign investment and organize implementation accordingly; to study the status of foreign investment and report tendencies and suggestions; to review and verify the setup and changes of foreign investment enterprises, contract charters of major foreign investment projects and major special changes as provided for by laws; to supervise and inspect the implementation of laws and regulations, provisions and contract charters by foreign investment enterprises and coordinate the solutions of related issues according to law; to guide the investment promoting and the verification and approval of foreign investment enterprises, regulate the activities of inviting foreign investors and the introduction of foreign investment; to undertake the collection of statistics on foreign investment; to guide the work of state-level economic and technology development zones, the Suzhou Industrial Park, and the border trade and economic cooperation areas; together with related sides, to formulate programs and policies on the promotion of service outsourcing development and organize their implementation, and promote the building of service outsourcing platform. Other items: 1. The NDRC and MOFCOM work with other departments to set up the Inter-ministry Joint Meeting of Security Review on Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors. MOFCOM is responsible for handling of and response to application of acquisition of domestic enterprises by foreign investors. For acquisition actions within the scope of security review, the Inter-ministry Joint Meeting of Security Review on Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors will conduct security review; for those relating to new fixed asset investment, they should be done according to the administrative regulations on fixed asset investment; for major security items, the Inter-ministry Joint Meeting is called for to study accordingly. 2. Industrial Guidance Catalogue for Foreign Investment is developed by NDRC in coordination with MOFCOM and other departments, and released jointly by NDRC and MOFCOM.
  16. Department of Aid to Foreign Countries
    • Phone:010-65197901;
    •   To formulate policies and plans for foreign aid and organize their implementation, push forward the reform of foreign aid forms; to organize foreign aid negotiations and sign agreements, deal with inter-government aid affairs; to compile plans for foreign aid and organize their implementation; to supervise and inspect the implementation of foreign aid projects.
  17. Department of Foreign Investment&Economic Cooperat
    • Phone:010-65197123;
    •   To formulate and implement policies on foreign economic cooperation, manage and supervise overseas economic cooperation in respect of investment, project contracting, service cooperation and design consultation, formulate administrative policies on citizens going abroad for employment; to undertake the protection of legitimate rights and interests for Chinese service workers dispatched abroad and Chinese citizens to work overseas; to review and verify the business qualifications of domestic enterprises investing in and operating businesses (excluding financial business) and economic cooperation businesses abroad; to undertake the collection of statistics on foreign direct investments, contracting of foreign projects and overseas labor service cooperation.
  18. Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports
    • Phone:010-65198167;Fax:010-65198172
    •   To formulate the department provisions and policies on fair trade in import and export and organize their implementation; to formulate anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard measures for import and other department provisions related to trade remedy measures and organize implementation accordingly; to undertake the work and foreign affairs related to anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard measures for import and other department provisions related to trade remedy measures; to be responsible for the acceptance and filing of import cases, issuance of external notice, adjustment of product scope, information release, and notice to the stakeholders involved; to be responsible for the investigation and arbitration of dumping, subsidy and safeguard in import volume growth; to formulate and release related public notice on behalf of MOFCOM and supervise their implementation and tracking their assessment; to be responsible for talks and negotiations related to consent agreements, signing the agreement and supervise their implementation; 1. To investigate and analyze laws and regulations, policies and measures in respect of trade and investment of various countries (regions), conduct consultations and negotiations on discriminatory trade barriers and measures concerning our country and carry out countermeasures; 2. To guide and coordinate responding work to overseas lawsuits in respect of anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard against products exported by our country, set up and improve export lawsuit responding mechanism of our country. 3. To track and analyze the related issues of import products, set up and improve the network and mechanism of investigation and early warning for global trade and investment barriers, and issue investigation reports regularly on country (region) trade and investment environment; 4. To guide and coordinate government departments, intermediary organizations and enterprises to carry out publicity work,training and consultations with respect to import and export fair trade; 5. To coordinate relevant departments in formulating China’s positions on trade remedy measures in the multilateral and bilateral negotiations on trade agreements, and be responsible for relevant negotiations; to be responsible for multilateral and bilateral consultations under the WTO agreement on anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures; to be responsible for multilateral and
  19. Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation
    • Phone:010- 6519 8085 ;Fax:010- 6519 8075 
    •   1. To formulate department regulations and policies with respect to the rules of industrial injury investigation and trade remedy assistance and organize implementation accordingly; to participate in the formulation of department regulations on anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other related trade remedy measures; 2. To be responsible for the review and verification of the content related to injuries of domestic industries in filing and reviewing cases of anti-dumping, anti subsidy, safeguard measure etc.; 3. To be responsible for the investigation and arbitration related to injuries of domestic industries in cases of anti--dumping, anti subsidy, safeguard measure and other trade remedy measures; to participate in the formulation of related public notices issued in the mane of Ministry of Commerce; 4. To track and assess the impact and effect on domestic industries by employing trade remedy measures and put forward suggestions on corresponding measures; 5. To set up and improve early warning mechanism for industrial injuries, monitor and analyze the impact on domestic industries and industrial competitiveness from the development and changes of global economy and abnormal tendencies of importation, conduct investigation on industrial competitiveness, response to industrial security and effectiveness assessment, regularly submit early warning reports on industrial injuries, release tendencies of industrial competitiveness, and study and put forward suggestions on corresponding measures; 6. To be responsible for setting up the mechanism of trade remedy assistance, supporting recovery development from industrial injury; to guide and coordinate related domestic department, intermediary organizations and enterprises on production safety, and conduct publicity work, consultation and training; 7. To participate in consultations and negotiations related to price undertaking agreements, sign the agreement and supervise implementation accordingly; to participate in the consultation and negotiation on trade remedy measures on imported products; to be responsible for multilateral and bilateral exchanges and cooperation on industrial injury; 8. To undertake other assignments designated by the Ministry leaders.
  20. Department of International Trade and Economic Aff
    • Phone:010- 6519 7217;Fax:010- 6519 7903
    •   To formulate and implement multilateral and regional trade policies; to handle relations with multilateral and regional trade organizations according to work assignments; to organize the implementation of the strategy for free trade area; to lead external negotiations on multilateral and regional trade, as well as free trade area; to undertake administrative affairs of the Chinese side in the economic and technical cooperation of United Nations and other international organizations with China; to administer the multilateral and bilateral gratuitous aid and grants (excluding grants to China by foreign governments and international financial organizations under the fiscal cooperation).

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